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The Concept of BBT

BBT’s concept is to offer the Plus Size Community a positive and non-judgmental social atmosphere where its patrons can come together and enjoy its many parties, weekend getaways, online social networking groups and live internet radio shows.

BBT’s Website and Facebook Social Group

The BBT Website

To keep its rapidly growing followers informed of upcoming parties, ski trips and notifications regarding same, BBT re-launched its own website on September20, 2011. To date, BBT’s Community page has over2500 members. Users can create and/or update their own personal profile, create a common-interest user group, add other users as friends and exchange messages.

The BBT Facebook

In an effort to keep up with today’s high demand for social networking and because BBT’s following was growing even more rapidly through its popular parties and events, BBT stepped up its game and launched its FB fanpage,

BBT’s Live Internet Radio Show – Chocolate Sundays

Chocolate Sundays, which was formed November 2011 is a live radio show that airs each and every Sunday and is hosted by Mike and Eddy G. Chocolate Sundays is yet another avenue where BBT reaches out to the plus size community in a positive way by showcasing the latest music via some of New York’s hottest and up-coming DJs that play a variety of music from Hip Hop and R&B to Reggae and Salsa; interviewing venue owners that specialize in plus size clothing and/or products; interviewing organizers of other plus size social groups and/or foundations; and discussing a multitude of topics that concern or affect the plus size community as a whole.

BBT’s Charity Events

In the spirit of building better community ties and motivating others to give back to those who are less fortunate, BBT has sponsored a number of charitable events that include Aids Walk NY, Walk for Obesity and Toys For Tots. BBT staffers have also volunteered at various soup kitchens and food pantries throughout New York area.